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Taking off with content management

Could content management be the next killer app? The demand for content management software is growing faster than even the demand for security software purchases, although the latter still tops infrastructure purchase plans, reveals analyst Tom Pohlmann with Forrester Research Inc.

Sun, IBM, Motorola take on mobile service creation

In an all-out effort to woo enterprise customers to their various platters of all-you-can-eat mobile services and software, IBM, Motorola and Sun Microsystems all debuted mobile service creation packages at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes.

Vietnam plans enhanced CDMA mobile phone network

Vietnam is to build a US$230-million CDMA (code division multiple access) mobile phone network with data transfer capacity of 144K bps (bits per second), the country's telecommunications regulator said Thursday.

High-end servers get a boost

Tremors are rippling through the high end of the server markets, with Hewlett-Packard Co. and Silicon Graphics Inc. set to square off with their most powerful NUMA machines, and Sequent Computer Systems announcing the imminent arrival of the second generation of its mixed-mode, Unix/Windows NT server environment.

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