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Hashtag Trending – Uber’s fleet of driverless cars, SpaceX sending internet satellites to space in 2019

Uber is forming a fleet of driverless cars, Bitcoin reaches an all-time high, and SpaceX will start sending internet satellites into space in 2019.

Say ‘I love you’ with a personal satellite

Forget flowers. A Japanese company is offering people the chance to say "I love you" with a personal satellite.

Tracking troubled truckers with GEOTrac

Calgary-based transportation firm Swanberg Bros. Trucking Ltd. set out on a mission three years ago to develop a new system that can efficiently handle all communications for the firm

Wireless Web reaches for the sky

A group of overseas researchers trying to extend the reach of high-speed Internet service may have their heads in the clouds, but they say the best way to bring quick connections into hard-to-reach areas might be by balloon, blimp or plane.

Satellite providers look to past to find future

A little over a month ago, Iridium, the world

Globalstar set for satellite phone launch in Q1 2000

While other satellite telephone operators have achieved limited success in the Canadian market, the superior quality and cheaper price of Globalstar Canada

Moving sky networks closer

New technology in the form of medium earth-orbit (MEO) and low earth-orbit (LEO) satellites is opening doors...

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