Articles Related to Routing

Content delivery networks, cloud providers can now join routing security group

The MANRS initiative to encourage precise use of routing information and lower the opportunities for abuse by threat actors is expanding

Hardware still plays an innovative role in software-defined networking

Data centre is leading the SDN charge, but the service provider space is catching up and looking for granular programmability in networking hardware

China Internet ‘hijack’ overblown, says researcher

The diverted traffic was nowhere near the claimed 15 per cent, according to Arbor Networks

Are new IETF switching, routing specs needed?

Changes would address spanning tree limitations and load balancing issues for organizations working with multiple ISPs. But Cisco and Juniper say they either do that now or are about to

Fragapalooza sets up an instant network

ProCurve provides 1,000 nodes in two days for Canada's biggest LAN party and computer gaming tournament. Also, who needs a distribution layer?

Juniper adds security services to branch routers

Juniper takes another step to unify all of its operating systems under one roof

Telus connects with Nominum

Canadian telecom selects Nominum

Rescuing routers by eavesdropping

Network administrators looking for more precise insight into the behaviour of their routers can dig deeper by tapping a relatively new technology called route analytics.

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