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Can competition increase network resiliency?

Rogers chief executive officer Tony Staffieri and Rogers' new chief technology officer Ron McKenzie appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry...

Oracle-Sun merger foes head to China, Russia

MySQL separatists, led by MySQL founder Monty Widenius, address regulators in Russia and China as the European Union assent on the deal grows likely

Year in review: Bell unintentionally sparks net neutrality debate

Do you remember the time when nobody was talking about net neutrality? It was back in March, just before Bell Canada made headlines for traffic shaping peer-to-peer traffic on its network. Read about one of the biggest IT-related stories of the year and why it was intensely debated by all Canadians

New Zealand to look into regulating termination fees

The government will examine whether fees mobile providers charge other networks for carrying calls and text are fair. One cellular company says it's about time, saying subscribers pay some of the highest tariffs in the world

In search of broadband’s ‘third wire’

An environment of actual competition would provide a strong incentive for ISPs to provide neutral Internet services: As soon as one provider decided to interfere with what its customers could do on the Internet, its competitors would advertise that they don't do the same thing

Google-DoubleClick deal gets green light from EU

Controversial US$3.1 billion acquisition approved with a warning

UK report questions role of ISPs in online safety

A new report on Internet safety has concluded ISPs (Internet service providers) should take more responsibility for online security since end users are often lax.

Major UK building society fined over lost laptop

The U.K.'s financial services regulator has levied a heavy fine against the nation's largest building society over a stolen laptop containing confidential customer information.

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