Articles Related to Quality Assurance

Could software quality assurance processes have prevented the Boeing 737 MAX crash?

Computer software, we're told, now owns the world. Virtually everything contains it, from cars to toasters. And, as we all know only too well,...

Digital transformation is disrupting quality assurance

Quality assurance is just one more field being disrupted by digital transformation as the skill set requirements change and organizations struggle to balance speed to market with quality.

The B2B Program Management Cycle: 25 STEPS

From trading partner onboarding all the way through to help desk monitoring, the B2B Program Management Cycle can guide your organization in every step...

Enterprises eye the cloud as a testing sandbox as they make the transition toward iterative software deployments

Complex applications require the ability to mimic the production environment with heavy QA, something the cloud can feasibly replicate without negatively affecting customers or live operations

Seven steps to software security

Understanding technical security risk begins with knowing how and where vulnerabilities occur within an organization. Vulnerabilities can impact every level of enterprise infrastructure from...

QA jobs morph as agile development gains ground

Testing is no longer about script writing. How the recession has changed the demand for quality assurance professionals

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RTM eases app testing

The company released to manufacturing Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 with new features like IntelliTrace for quality assurance. Customers Imaginet, IQmetrix and Sitemasher share their experiences with the release

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