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Toronto Pwn2Own hacking contest awards over $980,000 to bug hunters

Security researchers picked up US$989,750 in prizes for demonstrating 63 unique zero day vulnerabilities in consumer and small office products during the four-day Toronto...

Toronto Pwn2Own exploit contest starts with US$40,000 awarded

The first Toronto edition of Trend Micro's Pwn2Own hacking contest began Tuesday, with individuals or teams from a number of countries attempting to break...

Apple patches Pwn2Own bug

Charlie Miller won $10K by exploiting the same component he hacked in 2009. He was able to hack Safari running on Apple Inc.

Are iPhones riskier than Android, Blackberry and Nokia?

iPhones appear to pose greater security risks than Android, Blackberry and Nokia smart phones, but is this really the case? An nCircle survey says yes, security expert Charlie Miller says not necessarily, and Pwn2Own sponsor TippingPoint won't say

Pwn2Own winner tells Apple, Microsoft to find their own bugs

The only researcher to "three-peat" at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, Charlie Miller said that security is such a "broken record" that he won't hand over 20 vulnerabilities he's found in Apple's, Adobe's and Microsoft's software.

iPhone falls in Pwn2Own hacking contest

Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Weinmann scored US$15,000 at the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest for bypassing tough security measures introduced in iPhone 2.0. It is the first fully functioning attack on an iPhone since Apple released version 2 in 2008, said Charlie Miller.

Critical Firefox bug fixed one month after disclosure

Open source browser provider Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6.2, which is meant to fix a bug that could potentially crash your browser. The bug was discovered by Evgeny Legerov, who said it affected Firefox browsers running on Windows XP and Vista.

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