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Entrust launches managed security service

Secure E-mail Certificates is a managed service that lets users encrypt and digitally sign e-mails through a browser. Entrust Inc. is selling one version for enterprises and a no-frills version for personal use.

Government agencies establish e-collaboration security plan

A secure e-mail specification for future use has been selected by The Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program, a shared effort between British and American defence agencies and aerospace partners to devise technologies for secure electronic collaboration.

Locking down the remote user

Companies are still grappling with the issue of securing their users in the field. One response is simply to restrict access. But a combination of smart card technology and public key infrastructure may provide a more productive alternative.

ING Canada encrypts e-mail

After going through stringent evaluation, a product called Voltage SecureMail, from Palo Alto, Calif.-based Voltage Security Inc., won ING Canada

Secure communications with SSH

Once upon a time, there were only Unix machines on the Internet.

Next step in affordable security

As more people gain access to your IT infrastructure, there's growing demand to secure that access at a reasonable cost.

SAML sets up single sign-on

Users are forced to maintain multiple identities between employers, portals, user communities and business services, resulting in isolated business relationships and experiences. A federated identity is the key to eliminating this fragmentation.

IBM to offer Nokia server software to enterprises

Nokia Corp. and IBM Corp. have agreed to collaborate in providing secure mobile phone applications to enterprises in a move that could help the Finnish manufacturer penetrate the corporate market.

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