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Enomaly launches cloud

The infrastructure-as-a-service software vendor offers to connect cloud providers with excess capacity to customers who want more. Why renting cloud services is like renting a truck

Customers, not technology, to drive future networks

Customizable application-driven networks are what businesses will want in the future rather than speeds and feeds, a conference has been told. But it also hears that broadband also has to be extended deeper into the country

Four tech-related bills dead in Parliament

With the ending of the session of Parliament, the anti-malware bill, an Internet child porn bill and legislation allowing police to seize electronic information died. Will they be resurrected, and when?

What cloud computing really means

For the past year everyone's been talking about cloud computing, but for many it's still nebulous. However, it's not so fuzzy when you view the value proposition from the perspective of IT professionals

Equipment makers show 100 GbE systems

Carriers and service providers need single-port 100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for high-performance data centres, cloud computing and scientific applications. Vendors test-fire equipment at SC09

Net neutrality boon for cheap, high-quality Web services

Business can save money from skipping potential new Internet access charges to opening up low-cost, high-bandwidth services

Outsourcing mergers bad news for IT service customer

Mega mergers may be good news for service providers but the outlook for customers is cloudy, according to one outsourcing consultancy firm

Cloud computing security pros debate the IT risks

TORONTO A little while ago, a CIO friend of Richard Reiners asked him to look after an agreement his firm had signed with a service provider. This was a contract the CIOs predecessor had...

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