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Dell’s foldable devices at CES 2020: Duet, Ori, and UFO

Dell showcases new computer form factors and prototypes.

eBay may offer BI-as-a-service to companies

Following in the footsteps of Inc., eBay could also start marketing its inhouse technology for external customers

Sun aims to improve computers

Working as part of a three-year, US$50 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant, researchers at Sun Microsystems Inc. are aiming to avoid the kind of errors that caused the Patriot missile defense system failure.

App could bolster small businesses

Dan Bricklin fostered the PC revolution when he helped create VisiCalc for Apple Computer Inc. almost 25 years ago. It and its successors, Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel, were the original

Windows CE update set for mid-2003 release

The next update to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows CE .Net OS, which has been given the code name McKendric, will ship before the middle of 2003 and include several new features, a company executive said at the Microsoft Embedded DevCon 2003 conference in Taipei.

Write your stuff with users in mind

If an IT project team doesn't understand the requirements for a system, it doesn't matter if it's...

Guest Column: Scripting offers cost effective development

In a previous column, ("Using Tcl as your scripting language," CWC, March 26, 1999, pg.13), I discussed...

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