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Intel joins IPSO Alliance to promote IP in smart devices

Twelve new companies including Intel and Johnson Controls join the Internet Protocol for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance to promote the use of IP to interconnect dissimilar devices like your smoke detector to your gas stove. The convergence of IT and facilities

Agency tightens IPv4 address procedure

Expecting the supply to dry up soon, ARIN will seek to verify that applications are legitimate. A Burton Group analyst predicts speculators may buy domains only for resale

Businesses losing battle against employee apps

Corporate firewalls are crumbling in the face of an employee app onslaught, according to a recent survey by security firm Palo Alto Networks

5 things you should know about wireless security

Despite widely-publicized incidents, a KPMG consultant says people still don

Startup aims to reduce troubleshooting time

ExtraHop says its Application Delivery Assurance hardware will identify the sources of network problems. Find out how

Open-source management vendor takes on the cloud

San Francisco-based Hyperic Inc. this week released an upgrade to its HQ application that lets IT managers monitor virtual environments

Vendors fixing bug that could crash Internet systems

Technical details on the vulnerabilities have not been released, but the security experts who discovered the problem say that they can knock Windows, Linux, embedded systems and even firewalls offline

Peer-to-peer client uTorrent fixes serious vulnerability

The vulnerability can be exploited if a user downloads a bad torrent, which can cause stack overflow

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