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Majority of enterprise PCs open to Java exploits

The vast majority of enterprise computers are susceptible to new Java exploits because these machines are still running older versions of the popular general-purpose,...

Microsoft’s C gets an A

The PYPL programming language index names C# language of the year saying Microsoft

10 programming languages that could shake up IT

Some new programming languages we may be seeing in the near future

Ruby on Rails getting HTTP streaming

Besides improved page performance, version 3.1 of the Web development framework will also have jQuery as its default JavaScript library

Thirteen open source programming tools on the uptick

If the open source model has a sweet spot, it's in programming tools. Here are 13 open source development projects making waves in the enterprise

ASCII crimps program development, coder says

Famed programmer Poul-Henning Kamp argues that programming languages are limited by their reliance on ASCII. Why he thinks Unicode offers the answer

Java founder James Gosling quits Oracle

Father of Java James Gosling is the latest ex-Sun employee to leave Oracle following the merger of Sun Microsystems

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