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How IT leaders should mentor their ‘brogrammers’

OPINION They look hot. They act cool. They write software between beers. CIOs and IT managers have a new breed of staff, and you'd better not call them geeks

Unix turns 40

After four decades, the future of a once revolutionary operating system is clouded, but its legacy will endurernrnForty years ago thisrnsummer, a programmer sat down and knocked out in one...

How I started my IT career

I received a short-term COBOL programming assignment at a software house in Albany that I could do over spring break. There was one problem: I didn't know COBOL. But lack of cash is a powerful motivator

Evoting critics take message to Washington

About 200 citizen lobbyists called for the US Congress to require that electronic voting machines include paper-trail records when the group descended on Washington, DC, this week.

The fall and rise of the programmer

What is a programmer? My definition is someone who is in full control of the computer. With that definition, do programmers still exist?

Forty years later, ADPAC lives

Peter Harris, the creator of ADPAC and founder of the company that subsequently changed its name to ADPAC Corp., calls himself "America's senior programmer." Harris, now 74 and the company's chief technology officer, recently spoke with Computerworld U.S. about what may well be the oldest software company in the world still operating under its founding leadership.

That certainly explains it

Tales from the depths of IT departments.

Readers weigh in on IDEs

Should your developers use an IDE to develop software? If you think that discussion ended years ago, think again. The voluminous response to my Aug. 30 column proves that the debate rages on.

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