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Strengths, information security, collaboration, quality and more… Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to my first IT World blog post. So you have an idea of what to expect, the type of sharing being planned...

Help desk job can kick start IT career

Those looking to break into the IT industry -- whether they are recent college graduates or entry-level professionals, or are transitioning from another profession -- often have the same initial question: Where do I start?

Fast track business degrees

Many technology execs want entry-level IT employees to hit the ground running, with concrete skills for real IT work. And they often don't see that in college grads, who typically require on-the-job training or additional certification from vocational technical schools.

How to apply IT to build business agility

We IT people have had a privileged position based on the mystery and prestige of technology. In the past four years, that has changed, and now business wants us to be just as accountable as the rest of the company.

Hackers called truthseekers, problem-solvers

"My belief is that hacking, above about the passion and obsession for knowledge and truth," Thieme said. Hacking is also about freedom and the attempts to maximize it, he said.

DEF CON: Hackers called truthseekers, problem-solvers

LAS VEGAS - Hacking is not about creating viruses, breaking into computer systems or even rainbow-dyed hair, but is instead about the search for truth, critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge, according to Richard Thieme, an author, consultant and former Episcopal priest, who addressed attendees here Saturday.

Version-less software not so simple

Anyone who makes a living at the fine art of fixing computer problems knows that verifying version numbers is the most crucial stepntowards finding a solution.

Are You a Good IT Boss?

An employee's relationship with his or her boss can determine whether the person will stay at a...

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