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Top 6 Smartphones for business 2018: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Touting brilliant triple cameras, robust software, solid performance, and a battery that can last for days, all aspects of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro...

Six enterprise security leaks you should plug now

From unauthorized smart phones on Wi-Fi networks to custom-developed Web apps using bad code. Deal with these before it's too late

BlackBerry brand hurt by corporate use mandates

Survey finds users prefer phones they choose themselves, while the BlackBerry is often issued by an employer

BlackBerry users in UAE get free smart phone

The government's decision to suspend data services on RIM smart phones means users will get to pick between iPhone and Android-based phones, according to mobile operator Etisalat. Find out more

Apple removes antenna videos from site

The link now takes users to a less controversial page about Apple's antenna testing labs

Droid X pre-sale ads target Android, iPhone crowd

TV ads go for edgy impact, according to an analyst that doubts the "accidental" early release of 170 devices. Plus, another industry observer says that while the Droid X is essentially focused on consumers, it will enter the enterprise through savvy users

Canada considers banning some phone lock-ins

A Canadian lawmaker introduced a bill this week that would require operators to unlock some cell phones

Study: No link between brain tumors and cell phones

The 10-year Interphone study of the health effects of mobile-phone use has found no increased risk of two types of brain tumors. But uncertainties around heavy usage and usage among children warrant more research.

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