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Prototype security software blocks DDoS attacks

Identity-based privacy-protected access control is said to overcome weaknesses in IP address filtering as a method of blocking denial of service attacks.rn

Steganography meets VoIP in hacker world

The technology for hiding messages can be used by insiders using legitimate traffic. A computer scientist offers tips to IT managers on how to detect miscreants leaking company informationrn

How Bluetooth got as fast as Wi-Fi

Kevin Hayes, technical editor for one part of the Bluetooth 3.0 spec, describes how packets are translated between the Bluetooth and 802.11 stacks. Find out how soon smart phone makers will implement this

OPINION: Is the Web broken or are users too lax?

Using incidents like Conficker and Mafiaboy

Canadian IT companies are cheering, or fearing Obama, too

The new President's policies on expanding rural broadband availability and net neutrality could have a major impact on Canadian equipment makers doing business in the U.S.

12 myths about how Internet works

The Internet Architecture Board, an Internet standards oversight body, has been collecting assumptions about the Internet. The following is a list of myths they've compiled throughout the IP's 30-year history

‘We’re trying to break the product’

HP invited Network World Canada for a behind-the-scenes look at the Roseville facility

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