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Analyst reacts strongly to news Oracle has ‘surveillance machine’

The case of a software giant selling personal data to a third party is troubling, Iris Akwetey, senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research said...

Oracle CEO predicts all-cloud enterprise that will take a decade of transformation

At his OpenWorld keynote, Mark Hurd made several predictions, including one that forecasted the company’s leadership 10 years out because it has already made its on-premise apps cloud-ready

Here’s the SAP and IBM cloud offerings Larry Ellison should be ‘paying attention’ to

Oracle's executive chairman Larry Ellison says IBM and SAP are absent from the competition when it comes to the cloud. Here's why he's wrong about that.

Ellison: Oracle to offer Fusion Applications by 2010

The long-promised software will combine the best attributes of Oracle's various product lines and be "SaaS ready," its CEO tells the OpenWorld conference this weekrn

Sun, Oracle chiefs vow: Sun tech will live on

Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison offer reassurances at the OpenWorld conference that Oracle will be good for all of Sun technologies after the merger

Show Guide: Oracle OpenWorld 2007

What to watch for as the database giant hosts a crowd of 45,000 customers and partners in San Francisco this week

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