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Framework For Actionable Customer Analytics

  Download this webinar to learn practical applications of analytical methods that create business impact including: Optimizing self-service and the customer experience while reducing cost Improving customer...

Gain a Competitive Edge by Modernizing Your Storage Solution

Download this white paper to find out how the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage platform can help organizations address the challenges of cloud, increased virtual...

B2B cloud integration: A strategic approach to optimizing your value chain

The cloud transforms EDI networks to reduce cost and complexity, increase efficiency and drive collaboration with your customers and suppliers.

Demystifying Industry Standards

Standards save time and money, but, while designed to make business communications easier, the complex nature of standards can be daunting. Industry standards and...

B2B integration: Synchronizing your value chain of suppliers, partners and customers

An IBM Smarter Commerce approach can improve business agility, operational efficiency and your ability to meet changing customer demands.

Eight levels of analytics

You may have two, three or even four levels of analytics at your business. But are you using the ones that really matter? SAS outlines the eight levels of analytics at an invitation-only event in Vegas

Symantec reduces data management complexity with de-duplication strategy

Symantec wants companies to adopt a "stop buying storage philosophy" by employing data de-duplication strategy

Step away from the printer: Optimize your fleet

Print optimization can save businesses a lot of money, but CIOs remain elusive adopters. HP and others give advice on how IT managers might change their minds

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