Articles Related to online fraud

Social isolation is driving up fraud anxiety, says TD Bank

Feelings of fraud vulnerability are increasing as loneliness rise, but Canadians are taking measures to protect themselves.

How to Shop Online Safely – Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving global e-commerce growth because of all the convenience that online shopping has to offer, but it has also given...

McAfee names Jann Arden as 2018’s most dangerous Canadian celebrity

McAfee's annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online is out for 2018.

Research suggests cities with hosted data centres draw more cybercriminal activity

Legitimate infrastructure is being tapped for nefarious purposes as cloud computing grows in popularity, according to a report from ThreatMatrix

Internet identity faces crisis

Ontario's privacy chief has warned that the Internet's identity framework is coming apart at the seams and won't be able to contain the explosive growth of interactive Web 2.0 applications.

Anti-Fraud Alliance formed to fight ID theft, phishing

Five online security software and service providers form Anti-Fraud Alliance


NCR Corp. last month revealed a new approach to its managed services portfolio, incorporating business intelligence fundamentals...

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