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Symantec unveils free bot bouncer tool

Symantec Corp. has unveiled a free beta of Norton AntiBot, a behavioral-based real-time defender meant to catch the kind of threats traditional antivirus products miss.

Canadian firms named in US$15million bogus software case

Two Canadian and several American Web-based software distributors are facing a US$15 million law suit for allegedly selling counterfeit Symantec Corp. security software products.

Software firm aims to connect development worlds on Mono

Canadian development firm says it is now able to build and customize more cross-platform applications for its clients within a shorter time frame, thanks to Mono, a Novell Inc.-sponsored open source version of the Microsoft .Net platform. Toronto-based CustomerDNA develops permission-based relationship marketing software, which combines content and contact management capabilities into one system that can create a behavioural profile of a customer.

Symantec patches product activation problems

Utility software vendor Symantec Corp. has issued a patch to correct problems some users had with an antipiracy activation feature they encountered when trying to install Norton AntiVirus 2004 and other Norton products.

Norton AV 2004 protects against spyware, key-logging programs

Protecting users from spyware, and key-logging programs are some of the newest features of Symantec Corp.'s recently released Norton AntiVirus 2004 software.

Norton AntiVirus 2004 protects against spyware, piracy

Protecting users from spyware, key-logging programs and pirated software are the two newest features of Symantec Corp.

McAfee announces new slate of 2002 security products

McAfee Consumer Products, a division of Network Associates Inc., will ship a raft of updated security products for the home and small business in early October, with upgrades coming to the company's flagship VirusScan application, the company said this week.

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