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Does Chrome OS success rest with enterprises?

BLOGOSPHERE: Industry observers are split on Google

Round Table: Our predictions for 2010

IT World Canada editorial staff wrap up their end-of-year round table with some thoughts about what to watch for in 2010

5 mobile computing tips for the IT professional

Take advantage of today


After a struggle to create a product that matches the viral effect of the netbook, Acer announced the nettop on Wednesday. While the name sounds a lot like netbook, one analyst said it

Today’s netbooks are a hard sell for CIOs

Sales for these small, low-cost notebooks will rise 65 per cent in 2009, compared to just a three per cent growth for standard notebooks. The form factor is attractive. That doesn't mean you should be offering them to staff

Windows 7 specs limit netbook screen size

A Malaysian site reports that a special Windows 7 version for netbooks will only work on machines with screens no larger than 10.2 inches

Acer smartphone up PC maker’s sleeve

At Mobile World Congress, the Taiwanese PC manufacturer plans to unveil a handset that can work on multiple networks. Find out who else is rumoured to have smart phones waiting in the wings

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