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Eric Schmidt exits Google completely

Eric Schmidt, former chief executive officer of Google, is no longer serving as an advisor to Google and its parent company Alphabet, according to CNET.

How Nortel

In a submission to a parliamentary committee, the BlackBerry manufacturer says an Ericsson acquisition of Nortel

Security report urges Obama to scrap voluntary cyberspace regulations

A Center for Strategic and International Strategies report recommends mandatory requirements for critical cyber infrastructures which include telecom, energy, finance, and government services

Is Obama’s BlackBerry a security threat?

If the national security apparatus is worried about not being able to secure the president's BlackBerry, the answer is to find ways to improve security, not deprive the president of a useful communication tool


In the wake of an outage at the National Security Agency, Canadian experts offer advice on how to manage DNS servers. Could this happen in Canada?

Kafka in Canada: RCMP’s secret files fuel controversy

Privacy organizations are calling for intensified scrutiny and oversight of the RCMP's information management practices, which have failed to comply with government policy for almost 20 years.

Security concerns prompt French BlackBerry ban

French government members and their advisors have been told not to use BlackBerry smartphones, for national security reasons. The ban on BlackBerry devices is just one of the IT challenges facing new National Assembly members as they take their seats following Sunday's elections.

Lost Packets

New Zealand organizations will find their online defenses tested for the first time in a huge international cyber-security exercise being coordinated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security next year.

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