Articles Related to mobile payment

Samsung Pay now supports TD cards

Samsung Pay users can now add their TD access and debit cards.

Toronto airport rail line to use mobile ticket system

System developed by Bytemark will let people buy Union Pearson Express tickets online, either via a mobile app or a web site

Canadian company part of wireless retail solution

nTrust gets another way subscribers can find retailers using its service

Mobile billing firm Bango uses Toronto-based app

The British mobile payment and analytics organization said it

RBC tests money transfers via text message

If you want to move around small amounts of money to friends and family using SMS, Royal Bank may soon offer the service. The company is conducting a trial for its staff and analysts see no security concerns

Mobile payment users to soar: Gartner

Asia leads the world in the uptake of mobile payment and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future

E-commerce on the fly

Imagine this: You're walking by a pizza shop, and your cell phone rings. No, it's not your mom calling to tell you to remember to wear a sweater

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