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Editor’s Picks: Glacier’s super-cool tablet

A specially-designed heater allows a portable computer the ability to retain moisture when it's moved from a hot environment to a cold one. Plus, an iPhone rival from Samsung and Super Talent's solid-state drive

This robot keeps the doctor away

Scientists, doctors and technology companies are developing portable robotic units that can perform complex surgical procedures remotely from any location.

Earthquake causes Gulf-wide slowdown

In addition to the tragic humanitarian effects caused by the earthquake in Algeria, the two main submarine cables providing Internet connectivity between the Gulf and Europe have been broken, causing massive bandwidth reduction across most of the region.

Windows .Net servers hold their own against Unix

Microsoft Corp.'s ongoing crusade to establish a firm foothold in the enterprise got a little more traction recently from a benchmark test conducted by Accenture Ltd. that show Windows .Net servers compared favourably with Unix-based servers running mission-critical applications.

ISPs continue to improve Internet access SLAs

The battle over ISP service-level agreements rages on as Cable & Wireless PLC this week rolls out enhancements to its performance guarantees.

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