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How AIOps will transform enterprise IT in 2021

Aligning collaboration among all IT domains as well as senior leaders who rely on critical data to make key business decisions is a major benefit of this technology. Here are some of the ways AIOps will transform enterprise IT throughout 2021.

Understanding the power of microservices

By ibmblogs and Mark Dymond No doubt you’ve heard the buzz about microservices, and you are probably wondering what all the excitement is about. Far...

Container monitoring: finding the right size and shape for your workloads

Today, on the whole, we're pretty comfortable with cloud technology and its components. Virtual machines (VMs) – yawn – are old hat, having been...

Accelerating application lifecycle with microservices, docker containers and end-to-end visibility of user experience

In today's hyperactive, hyperconnected world, everybody wants things now. If not sooner. That puts companies in a difficult position. The old developer joke of...

Dumming it Up

For more than 25 years, people have turned to For Dummies guides for help understanding everything from football, lawn care and auto repair to...

Managing microservices: How to get big benefits from a small service architecture

Companies should consider their biggest pain points and their most important business areas, according to experts

From Monolith to Microservices: Big rewards from small software architecture

The latest trend in the agile movement to break down big software systems into smaller components is called microservices and it is gathering steam, according to one industry expert

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