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Opportunity Knox: Layered depth defence

Whether it’s a border wall or a frontline trench in wartime, security has always involved a demarcation. This concept has informed computer security from...

Opportunity Knox: Managing a fleet of devices

Mobile device use is not a new fad or trend for government workers, who have been using smartphones on the job for years. However,...

Opportunity Knox: More secure, zero-touch enrollment

Think about how IT professionals used to set up and assemble computers: they configured hardware, booted machines, and when prompted, installed the OS and...

Opportunity Knox: Flexibility and defence-grade security

The Government of Canada’s Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020 lays out policies and procedures required to mitigate the risk of significant cyber security events....

BlackBerry outsources smartphone business

The highlight of BlackBerry’s last quarter was its announcement that it would stop making smartphones directly. While the company will earn a royalty on their sales, profit will mean less for the Mobile device management software maker.

The CIO’s Guide to EMM

Mobility is reaching at an inflection point in enterprise. Not long ago, many organizations looked at it as an isolated project through which IT...

Expect enterprises to adopt BlackBerry’s BES 12 for device management

Now on version 12.5, chances are better this time around the former smartphone giant will win over enterprise customers

Does BlackBerry ending the classic device make sense?  

Since demand is falling for Classic, winding it down is a strategy move

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