Articles Related to marketing automation

The Pitch: AI startups – LeadSift

LeadSift helps B2B sales by identifying what account you should sell to, who you should talk to about it, and when you should do...

The Pitch: AI Startups –

Andrea Corey, VP product development, was one of the founding developers at marketing automation firm Eloqua. Now she's working with a new Toronto-based...

The Business Leadership podcast: Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO Maropost Inc.

The CEO of Maropost has taken his marketing automation startup from a one person operation into an international business that's ranked as one of the fastest growing by Deloitte.

Antoine Azar’s Thirdshelf unlocks the power of marketing automation for independent retailers with AI

Thirdshelf is a loyalty marketing solution made for small, independent retailers. Its customer tracking capabilities, paired with artificial intelligence (AI) that automates many aspects of customer relationship building, is the Ingenious Award winner in the SMB mid-market solution category for 2016.

Digitalization Is Shaping the Future of Web Content Management

Web Content Management has become one of the biggest technological advancements of the digital age. As content continues to influence customer behaviours and is...

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