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Malwarebytes adds Mac protection to Breach Remediation product

Endpoint detection and response software now supports both Macs and PCs

Apple patches critical flaws in iPhone, iPod Touch

The new iPhone operating system update addresses five bugs, one of which was a memory corruption problem that would have let hackers with physical access get at user's data. This is not the first time Apple Inc. had a problem with its password locking features.

Ten top Macs

To celebrate the Mac's 25th anniversary, here's a look at 10 Apple computers that altered the company's course and changed the way the world works and communicates

Apple users warned against MacGuard

The anti-virus software for Macintosh machines is actually a rogue program that 'hijacks' a user's computer, says Intego

Network puts Windows Server 2008 to the test

The latest Microsoft OS is put through its paces on a a Dell 1950 equipped with a dual quad-core 1.6GHz CPU, 32GB of dynamic RAM and two Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards

Mac Attack – Apple’s new ad campaigns go for the jugular

Sometimes, Apple's television ads generate as much buzz as the products they're promoting. The ads that make up the company's recently launched "Get a Mac" campaign are no exception.

Is an iPod a day enough for Apple?

If our intelligence is even remotely correct, then the fortunes of Apple Computer Inc. should matter little to you.

Quick Hits: Satanic tix; Devil duckie; Mike knows PCs

A Georgia movie theatre recently drew complaints from some customers after its computer randomly assigned the number 666 to tickets for Mel Gibson's new film, "The Passion of the Christ."

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