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executive director, Cape IT Initiative

The Western Cape has received a lot of press lately as the South African hub of call centre activity, to the degree that readers would be forgiven for assuming that is all that goes in Cape Town, IT-wise anyway. The region, however, has long been a hub of niche software development activity, and is making its mark in other sectors too.

Report: Shanghai power cuts won’t affect foreign firms

Expanded measures being introduced by the Shanghai government to lower power consumption during peak hours this summer won't affect most foreign-invested companies, the official China Daily newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Microsoft targets South Africa for anti-piracy campaign

As part of the ongoing effort to clamp down on software piracy, Microsoft Corp.'s South African subsidiary has asked local companies to sign declarations that they are using legal copies of Microsoft's products.

Java development facility opens in Newfoundland

A small population spread over a large area is not typically a formula for business success, but...

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