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China to open IT incubator in Singapore

China Torch Center, an agency of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, is opening an incubation centre in Singapore for Chinese IT and high-tech corporations that want to enter the global marketplace.

Nigerian online criminals on the run in South Africa

Nigerian criminals who have masterminded a series of fraudulent online schemes in several African countries are on the run in South Africa, according to local news reports.

U.S. warns Nigeria over online fraud schemes

Online schemes operating out of Nigeria that have defrauded victims out of tens of millions of dollars have become so pervasive that the U.S. government has given the West African country until November to take steps to decrease such crimes or face sanctions.

VoIP offers Africa a less-costly calling option

African nations are increasingly turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to bypass expensive conventional telephone systems.

Nigeria pursues aggressive IT drive

The Nigerian government is pursuing an aggressive IT drive meant to shed the image that Africa's most populous nation and one of the continent's largest economies is a technology laggard.

Africa surpasses 4 million Net users

Africa has surpassed the 4 million mark for Internet users, according to figures recently released by a South African Internet researcher.

Microsoft targets South Africa for anti-piracy campaign

As part of the ongoing effort to clamp down on software piracy, Microsoft Corp.'s South African subsidiary has asked local companies to sign declarations that they are using legal copies of Microsoft's products.

Net is transforming African media

The development of the Internet in Africa is playing a vital role in transforming the media there, more than 200 African journalists agreed at a recent meeting in Windhoek, Namibia, marking World Press Freedom Day.

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