Articles Related to licensing fees

Windows speaks Bolivian tongue

Microsoft has released an update giving Windows an interface in the Quechua language, descended from the tongue of South America's ancient Incas.

The end of database licensing?

As the competition for open source or the generally low end of the enterprise database market heats up, it is the support (e.g., technical, implementation, ISV) that will decide how soon adoption takes place and who will win. MySQL Network is an innovative support offering that threatens traditional commercial software licensing models.

Getting the law on your side

The Toronto-based business law firm McMillan Binch LLP cites six phases of an outsourcing deal, each of which can benefit from legal advice: due diligence, RFP, vendor selection, negotiation, risk assessment, transition and compliance.

Plumtree Portal Grows With Wireless, Expanded Search

Plumtree Software spruced up its enterprise portal offering with the addition of a wireless server, network search functionality and a redesigned user interface.

McAfee’s services patent raises questions

By obtaining a new patent for how it delivers software services via the Web, Corp. may have cornered the market on what is viewed by some as a major source of future growth. Opinion on the matter is split between lawyers and vendors, while McAfee says that it is just protecting its business.

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