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DNS a key piece of your depth defense strategy

They say there’s safety in numbers, that by being part of a large group you are less exposed to attack from outside threats. What...

Opening networks to guests can lead to LAN sprawl: Yankee Group

A recent research report from analyst Phil Hochmuth calls for context-aware local-area networks, where Layer 7 and deep packet inspection technologies work with back-end directories and policy management systems. More on the limitations of Layer 4

Startup aims to reduce troubleshooting time

ExtraHop says its Application Delivery Assurance hardware will identify the sources of network problems. Find out how

Bank of Montreal spends time on data governance

An executive with one of Canada's largest financial institutions discusses his approach to effective business intelligence at IBM's Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas. Learn about the three layers of information management

Afore offers WAN gear for data centre backup

The ASE 330 Ethernet acceleration gear will make cloud computing, live migration of virtual machines and data center backup easier and less expensive, says Afore Solutions

Vendors tackle virtualization security

What VMworld attendees can expect from next week's show.

Fragapalooza sets up an instant network

ProCurve provides 1,000 nodes in two days for Canada's biggest LAN party and computer gaming tournament. Also, who needs a distribution layer?

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