Articles Related to keyboards

How to buy the best keyboard for business

A primer on buying the best business keyboard.

I will never understand how you heathens survive without physical keyboards

A hopeless physical keyboard lover seeks to understand why most smartphone users prefer touchscreens with the help of Google research scientist Françoise Beaufays.

10 cutting edge snooping gadgets

Data thieves rely on an ever growing cache of high-tech surveillance weaponry to extract valuable information from their victims. Here are 10 illegal and legal ways cyber crooks tap into networks and computers to capture data and conversations

Three answers to the ‘smartphone-laptop’ problem

The answer to the most central problem of mobility

Gross! A computer cleaner dishes the dirt

Jacqueline Miller is on a one-woman quest to educate companies about the germs they leave on their keyboards, mice and phones. She tells ComputerWorld Canada why IT departments should be the first to clean up their act

Desktop multiplier takes limited PC resources a long way

A desktop virtualization software product developed by an Edmonton-based company is teaching students at an Illinois middle school some pretty impressive multiplication lessons.

BlackBerry continues expansion, launches in Taiwan

One of Taiwan's largest mobile phone network operators launched the popular BlackBerry service Thursday, continuing Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM)'s expansion into Asia.

New Microsoft mouse, keyboard read fingerprints

Microsoft Corp. introduced a new line of keyboards and mice on Wednesday, including some with fingerprint readers that lets users scan a finger instead of having to enter a log-in name and password when accessing online services or logging on to the PC.

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