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Opinion: Why small tablets will dominate

Some argue that the battle over 10-inch vs 7-inch tablets is over -- and big wins. Not so fast, says Mike Elgan. Read why

Dispatch from the technology culture wars

A look inside the endless conflict between "geeks" -- technical people who like to tinker with tech -- and "noobs" -- nontechnical people who want gadgets to "just work."

How to launch your career 2.0

What Louis CK taught us about using the Internet for self re-invention.

New York burger joint goes social, mobile

If a Manhattan restaurant can crowdsource marketing and even menu creation, what else can be made social? Connecting social networking to the real world

OPINION: The cultural impact of digitizing information

Radical changes in books and magazines could transform the world we live in. Will digitizing information sources like the National Geographic and the Library of Congress, essentially making them available to all, change human culture?

$100 netbook will come with broadband strings attached

Prices for subnotebooks are headed south at record speed. The catch: It's likely that a $100 netbook would come with a pretty hefty two-year mobile broadband contract

Three answers to the ‘smartphone-laptop’ problem

The answer to the most central problem of mobility

Green IT doesn’t have to be this hard

Environmentalists want action on energy consumption and global warming, and technology can play an important role. How to save the planet the easy way

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