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Trump making US job seekers increasingly consider working in Canada

Canada is no stranger to the controversial Trump administration, and it will likely feel its effects for years to come, particularly when it comes to jobs.

The IT skills shortage — fact or myth?

For years we've been reading about the "impending skills shortage" in IT, but is it merely a perceived shortage caused by over-inflated expectations and exacerbated by low salaries?

Twitter chat recap #ITWCjobs: IT career progression in Canada

In case you missed this Twitter chat, read on for the recap

How to

If someone searches for you on the Web and comes up empty-handed, do you exist? Here are five tips to make yourself more findable on the Web

Linux certification is rarely required

Experience, rather than certification, is the top consideration when it comes to filling a Linux-related position, according to one IT manager.

Mining an IT diamond in the rough

Despite a multitude of available candidates, IT executives still are finding it tough to find the one person with the right combination of skills and talent, according to some industry watchers.

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