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Java group pulls out chair for Microsoft

The organization that oversees Java technology standards says Microsoft Corp. is welcome to join, so long as the software giant can play nice with other tech entities. Members of the Java Community Process (JCP), a Java-tech standards body, seemed willing to accept with open arms Microsoft as a JCP member, given certain limitations.

Sparks may fly at open source debate

The stage is set for some fireworks on the last day of the JavaOne show next week, where Sun Microsystems Inc. has assembled a panel to debate the thorny issue of whether it should release its Java technology under an open source license.

Judge: Microsoft’s Java deadline starts ticking

The final judge's order requiring Microsoft Corp. to distribute Sun Microsystems Inc.'s version of Java gives Microsoft a deadline of 120 days after Feb. 4 to include Sun's Java with all versions of Windows XP and with all Web browsers that include .Net functionality.

Computers race at Formula One

Formula One racing is a fascinating world of speeding cars and just as fast computing.

JavaOne declares Java is the one

Developer conferences tend to be part party, part geek fest

Sun grabs big Netscape chunk

Say goodbye to Netscape Communications Corp. and hello to "Sunscape."Last month, America Online Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. agreed to divide up ...

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