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Privacy by Design to become an ISO standard next month

The standard, to be known as ISO 31700, can mesh with organizations that follow the ISO 2700 standard for IT security management

New global drone standards will help address quality control for a growing market, says CEO of InDro Robotics

The International Organization of Standards (ISO) released its approved drone standards earlier this month, and some within the industry believe a set of standards like this helps the industry as it looks to grow.

Architecting IT in the cloud era

Recently I’ve been thinking about the relationships among emerging technologies, especially how the various ecosystems fit together. The list of technologies can be lengthy...

Modernizing standards development

It is often difficult to keep track of the standards “inventory” and where they apply. ICT users and providers all have to challenge the status quo, make standards a higher priority and work closely to improve the process without losing its open, thoughtful and collaborative approach.

Tracking emerging IT standards

The Internet of Things (IoT) has complicated the standards landscape considerably. How do IoT, mobility, cloud computing, the Internet, and software-defined systems relate for the purposes of standardization?

Professional Engineers of Ontario opt for a single provider as part of IT transformation

Despite multiple vendors, the organization still lacked everything it needed to run its entire technology stack effectively and chose CentriLogic as a foundation to move forward with its strategic plan

Cloud computing standards update (ISO JTC1/SC38)

An update on the progress of cloud standardization in the ISO -- exploring various standards bodies and published standards documents

The NIST cloud computing program

Standards will go a long way to making cloud computing ubiquitous, trustworthy and reliable

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