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Distributel is the latest independent internet provider to increase prices

Distributel is the latest ISP to raise prices over CRTC pricing concerns.

Leaked ACTA draft treaty reveals plans for Net clampdown

A group in which Canada is a member has reportedly drafted a treaty that would require signatories to make ISPs liable for the content their subscribers transfer. A source leaked a document from ACTA would force ISPs to prove it tried to prevent copyright abuse, in order to avoid being sued by movie or music makers

Cabinet agrees with CRTC on Ethernet

Industry Minister Tony Clement decreed Friday that the CRTC was correct in not categorizing Ethernet services from incumbent telcos as essential service subject to regulation. But it asked the CRTC to re-visit the decision on fibre to the node.

ISPs ask the CRTC to stop Bell from defying law

Bell Canada has admitted defying regulations when it recently started throttling peer-to-peer traffic without permission, says an association representing Internet service providers trying to stop the telco's practice.

CRTC has to stop Bell from flouting the law say Internet service providers

Canadian Internet providers make a vigorous rebuttal to the CRTC of Bell's defence of its new traffic-shaping policy. The providers allege Bell has all but admitted it could have sought commission approval but went ahead alone

UK report questions role of ISPs in online safety

A new report on Internet safety has concluded ISPs (Internet service providers) should take more responsibility for online security since end users are often lax.

UK minister pushes data retention laws

U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has dismissed suggestions that new Europe-wide laws that require companies to store telecommunications data to help in the hunt for terrorists would impose excessive costs on industry.

Snooping laws unachievable

An influential group of MPs today released its report into the government's controversial plans for data retention.

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