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Drowning in threat information? Stop sharing so much, infosec pros told

Getting the right threat information is more important than getting too much of it, said a speaker at RSA Conference. Read why

Canadian cyber attack led to new mining industry threat sharing centre

The 2016 hack of Goldcorp led to the industry realizing it had to reduce vulnerability by sharing threat information

Federal privacy commissioner will watch threat information sharing, says official

New federal law allows organizations to share personal data related to possible crimes, but CISOs should be careful

Threat intelligence exchanges OK, but most prefer to receive intel rather than give

Infosec pros like getting threat intelligence, a survey suggests, but are less eager to give it out

New threat intelligence sharing site to open for all Canadian firms

Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange will allow CISOs of any size and from any industry to share threat information

Government agencies establish e-collaboration security plan

A secure e-mail specification for future use has been selected by The Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program, a shared effort between British and American defence agencies and aerospace partners to devise technologies for secure electronic collaboration.

UK politicians push for data policy debate

As the result of new data sharing proposals by ministers, Liberal Democrats are seeking a debate on government use of its databases. Nick Clegg ,U.K. Member of Parliament, made the call after uncovering details of disagreements within the government about moves to pass automated number plate recognition (ANPR) data from congestion charging and future road pricing cameras to police.

Ambitious e-government project targets secure data sharing

A new project is aiming to allow U.S. government agencies to share data securely. The objective of the Secure Information Sharing Infrastructure (SISA) project is to create a system that allows data to be shared between the agencies, but in a way that ensures only the people who are authorized to access data are able to do so. Cisco Systems Inc., Microsoft Corp. and EMC Corp. will provide commercial, off-the-shelf products, with smaller vendors contributing specific technologies.

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