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Common data visualization bloopers and solutions

We’ve all sat through unreadable, confusing, boring, or even misleading presentations with their associated data visualizations. We’ve all been puzzled or confused by some...

2025: What’s Possible in big data and AI [Infographic]

Emerging technology like chatbots, mobile messaging, and machine-learning (ML) apps are playing an increasingly significant role in customer interactions. Today's world is one built around...

2025: What’s Possible in communications [Infographic]

Past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense. It may only be a moderately funny quip, but it will always be memorable...

VMware report proves digital transformation pays off [infographic]

VMware says that committing to digital transformation will provide rewards in operational efficiency and directly to the bottom line.

The Real World Challenges of Integrating Next Generation Technology

Next generation business developments are taking a rapid turn, and many organizations face real-world challenges when applying the latest technologies into their everyday operations....

Facts show women making progress in the tech industry [infographic]

Women are outpacing men with a hiring rate of 238 per cent at the eight largest tech companies, a report reveals

Doodles on cloud, security and big data

Ingram Micro invited a live doodler to convey the main points of its conference keynote sessions, a refreshing change of pace from PowerPoint slides. Take a look at the results here

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