2025: What’s Possible in big data and AI [Infographic]


    Emerging technology like chatbots, mobile messaging, and machine-learning (ML) apps are playing an increasingly significant role in customer interactions.

    Today’s world is one built around 24/7-365 demand, and organizations are looking to AI and ML as they seek to set repetitive tasks and functions on autopilot, and dedicate a larger percentage of their resources to innovating and dealing with more complex customer conversations.

    With emerging tech freeing companies of the burden of daunting, time-eating tasks, big data is the foundation of the entire structure — the new language of technology and companies’ clearest path to gaining a truly deep understanding of its customers.

    Click on the infographic below to explore some of the ways big data and AI may forever change the way companies do business and interact with their customers. For a complete exploration of the road to 2025, check out the What’s Possible series sponsored by AWS.


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