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2025: What’s Possible in voice and image recognition [Infographic]

Published: February 2nd, 2018 By: Glenn Weir


In the mid-eighties, the world was introduced to The Clapper, a technology by which lamps and light switches and the like would turn on and off with a specific acoustic signal: two claps. What seemed futuristic at the time now pales beside the kinds of things coming our way in technology. By 2025, our world will be one where we’re carrying on quasi-lifelike exchanges with computers — talking, gesturing, giving and receiving suggestions.

And this new world of high-powered voice and image recognition will not be taking place on the fringes of life, but in everything from entertainment to turning your lights at home on and off to shopping to receiving medical care.

Click on the infographic below to survey our fast-changing world for a few minutes. For a complete exploration of the road to 2025, check out the What’s Possible series sponsored by AWS.