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The Business Leadership Podcast: Chris Zacharias, CEO at Imgix

Chris Zacharias started his career as a Youtube engineer, but was soon inspired to venture out and start his own business with a focus to improve the web's visual tapestry.

SanDisk’s SD card can store data for 100 years

The cards can be written on only once, the company said. The card is designed for long-time preservation of crucial data like legal documents, medical files and forensic evidence

IBM, European collaborators build Google rival

Search in Audio-Visual Content Using Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval (SAPIR) may be a mouthful, but developers claim the new multi-media search tool is a much better way to seek out photos and videos online than methods used by Google and Yahoo ...

Canadian health care is almost filmless

eHealth adoption may be a slow process, but efforts to digitize radiology departments at hospitals across Canada are nearly complete. Agfa HealthCare replaced film at 51 sites across the RUIS of Universit

Yahoo tests an online notepad

Yahoo's Search Pad, combines features from online notebooks and social bookmarking sites allowing people to save links, type notes, copy and paste Web content and share info via e-mail. With VIDEO

Rash decision over cell phone rash

Take a hike BlackBerry thumb, a clever PR guy thinks it's time worry about mobile phone dermatitis.

EMC adds Facebook-like capability to Documentum

The company plans to integrate social collaboration tools into the newest version of its enterprise content management suite. But how useful is it to the enterprise?

PlanetEye pieces together travel packs

All the travel content you need is on the Web -- but how do you pull it together? Underlying Microsoft technology helps give users 'a contextual landscape'

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