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Master your data management challenges

An envolving area of enterprise analytics aims to succeed where customer relationship management and data warehousing projects failed. Turn your dirty data records into gold with our crash course

Image-based search engine can benefit media firms, says LTU

As several companies look to develop a better way to cull through text based on the meaning of the keywords -- or a "Google killer" -- a maker of image-based search technology is moving to expand its potential customer base

US lawmakers try to restrict usage of Social Security numbers

The possibility that U.S. lawmakers might restrict the widespread use of Social Security numbers in commerce because of consumer privacy issues is prompting concern in the financial services industry. n

Hitachi Data revamps high-end arrays

Hitachi Data Systems Corp. (HDS) Wednesday announced major upgrades to its two highest-end storage arrays, including software that allows the systems to mimic optical disks' write once, read many (WORM) capability. The changes are both an attempt to meet new regulatory requirements in the U.S. and compete with similar functionality offered by rival EMC Corp.

Deutsche Bank tries to marry wireless and security

A company looking to beef up the security of its wireless operations should start with its own policies and standards, according to Ken Newman, director of security and risk management at Deutsche Bank AG. That's because standards and policies form the foundation upon which all security efforts are built, he said during a case study demonstration at Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless Conference in Palm Desert, California.

EMC offers disk array as tape alternative

EMC Corp., continuing to look for ways to jump-start its sales, last week announced a relatively inexpensive disk array for storing fixed data, such as check images, software source code and medical X-rays. Prospective users said the device could provide a speedier alternative to tape storage.

Phone number to e-mail service raises concerns

An electronic numbering system proposed by the communications industry that would link a telephone number to other Web service addresses over the Internet is drawing criticism from privacy groups.

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