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Hiring for tech jobs not easy, Canadian tech leaders claim

Technology jobs are a hot topic right now, with companies hiring more workers for tech jobs than for any other position; however, not all...

The best questions to ask an interviewer

By taking time before your interview to consider the best questions to ask, you stand a better chance of not only coming across as an engaged professional, but also getting all the information you need

Job search secrets: Targeting done right

Job seekers make many mistakes in their job searches, including over-relying on networking with people who can't offer much help in this job market, such as recruiters and HR managers

Bridging the qualifications gap

The good news is that the candidates who look perfect on paper aren't always the ones who get offers. By considering yourself from the hiring manager's perspective, you can begin presenting yourself as an investment rather than a gamble

Are hiring managers checking you out?

When job seekers don't hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager, they figure their r

Ask the right questions to hire immigrant IT help

Ryerson's Chang School launches a program called Talent Development For Organizational Effectiveness that focuses on bringing foreign workers on board. First tip: Don't let the accents put you off

Hiring the right IT employee

After taking a long, hard look at commercial CRM packages for use in Humana Inc.'s call centre, the company's executives found them too expensive. Then an IT analyst there came up with a creative solution based on in-house software, a few low-cost purchases and some custom programming.

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