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Unemployed? 10 Ways to Fight Depression in Your Job Search

Job loss, unemployment and never-ending job searches can make even the most upbeat people feel depressed. Follow IT professionals' and mental health experts' tried-and-true advice for preventing depression before it derails your job search.

Are hiring managers checking you out?

When job seekers don't hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager, they figure their r

IT pros want job security not high-fives

When asked what employers could offer them lieu of salary increases, IT professionals said they preferred a sense of stability to C-level recognition

Trusting instincts in business decisions

It is through the school of hard knocks that managers learn to trust their guts when it comes to business and career decisions

Exit strategy – negotiating a severance agreement

You may be doing yourself a great disservice by blindly accepting whatever your employer offers. Following these three tips for handling the severance discussion can help you end up a winner even if you just lost your job

Eight signs you need a career coach

For some people career coaches might just be the right prescription to jumpstart a flagging job search. Here are eight signs that indicate you're ready to hire a career coach and three signs that warn you're not

5 steps to recession-proof yourself

Senior execs are not immune to a restructuring program's sharp axe. Here's a list of five action plans you can implement to safeguard your job

5 reasons why Gen Ys are more likely to survive recession

Spoiled rotten by the 'helicopter parents', high maintenance Gen Y IT professionals who demand high salaries, spot promotions and more vacations could outlast their Gen x colleagues in the comig round of layoffs, according to a CareerBuilder survey

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