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#FollowFriday: What will Canada’s top federal CIO say?

Our weekly roundup of the people, organizations and topics on Twitter that apply to chief information officers.

Federal CIO puts focus on collaboration

GTEC 2012: Shared Services Canada moves forward with e-mail consolidation, feds aim for single HR system, while IT modernization and cloud computing are front and centre

How Alberta revamped its IT services

GTEC 2012: Take time to consult and define, and maintain control of your service management system, executive director advises

Edmonton takes five steps towards open govt

Edmonton is the fourth municipality in Canada moving ahead with open government initiatives. The challenge is helping people understand 'we are like the new city,' says CIO Chris Moore, who made five major announcements at the Open City Workshop

GTEC 2009: What attendees are saying on Twitter

Public sector employees take to the popular social networking service to discuss how Web 2.0 and other collaborative tools are being explored at a government conference in Ottawa

Spotlight on Paul Hession from PWGSC

Part 1 with Paul Hession, Director General of Service Qualification and Transition, Public Works and Government Services Canada. InterGovWorld senior writer Lisa Williams spoke with Hession about GTEC, his work in both the private and public sector, and the changing role of the CIO.

IT user group to marry with vendors through merger

A new merger between an Ottawa-based user group and a national technology trade association is being described by one industry analyst as a way to bring the user community together with vendors in a common forum.

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