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80legs Inc. offers bargain-priced Web crawling service

Need to crawl billions of Web pages? There's an app for that. Aptly named 80legs Inc. leverages a 50,000-computer grid to search and crunch millions of pages in minutes at $2 a pop...

Chinese researcher details vulnerability of West Coast power grid

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is investigating a report by a scientist in China that shows a well-placed attack on small subnetwork could bring down entire West Coast power grid...

IEEE launches smart-grid standards project

Intel will host the first conference on P2030 standards in June. How the industry is working towards interoperability between the power system, meters and other devices.


Despite some scary news reports claiming Chinese hackers planted software on components of the American power grid, there is no indication that cybercriminals could use the Internet to sabotage embedded systems controlling power distribution here

Upstarts outpace BI vendors in data loading speeds

Speed demons. The past several months have seen a number of start-ups and lesser-known firms touting screaming-fast data-loading speeds, some exceeding 4TB and hour, both in the lab and in the field

Cloud computing drives CERN’s ‘Big Bang’ project

The Large Hadron Collider didn

Free green power for Canadian government IT

BC leads the way in provincial plans for zero-carbon data centre development.

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