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Consumer-driven innovation: On the fringe of globalization

A new wave of innovation is being unlocked by end users that are getting creative when products and services don't address their needs.

The ‘new’ globalization and the CIO

Traditional notions of "cultural understanding" being a key competence are pass

World CIO Forum: The vice-chair’s 8 takeaways

The Canadian who worked on the advisory board with the International Federation for Information Processing shares the major themes that emerged with discussions among 500 attendees

Social media, sustainability mark tomorrow

A new IBM Global Youth Study finds the affinity that Gen Yers have for social media, sustainability and global innovation will create a future IT leader very different from what we know today

Canada 3.0 speaker suggests re-branding Canada

Government, academia and industry gear up for a two-day forum on how Canada can be a leader in the digital economy. Keynote speaker Tony Chapman says Canada has the potential for becoming the go-to nation for innovation.

Globalization: New challenges facing IT leaders

Infrastructure limitations, local talent supply, unfamiliar business and cultural norms, limited vendor support and restricted budgets require creative solutions. At the same time, there is pressure to integrate these often one-off extensions of the company into the global infrastructure

Sneak peek into XPI’s DisclosureNet

An upcoming release of DisclosureNet will include an IFRS module to help Canadian publicly traded companies ease the transition to global accounting standards

Microsoft opens digital divide conference in Beijing

Reducing the digital divide through "integration" is the theme of a two-day Microsoft Corp. conference in Beijing that kicked off Wednesday morning.

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