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Toronto flash flood tests conferencing firm’s DR plan

A severe thunderstorm that dumped more than five inches of rain on Toronto in just two hours and caused over $850 million in damages...

Kelowna firm spends $75M on green data centre

A partnership between IBM Canada and RackForce will see an energy-efficient facility built for the customers of gigaCenter Services Corp. Why location matters as much as the technology

The Tao of IT: Lesson 1

A few months ago I visited One Wilshire, a 25-story building at Wilshire and Grand in downtown Los Angeles. One Wilshire is a carrier...

Future networked society raises privacy concerns

Imagine things like doorknobs, toasters and light bulbs communicating with one another in a network that far exceeds anything we know today. The concept, often referred to as ubiquitous computing, isn't new. What's new is that technologies are now emerging to make it happen sooner than many of us imagine.

The IT disaster code looms above us

On Sept. 11, 2001 the world watched in horror as terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center (WTC) and other venues, with heavy loss of life. An IT equivalent could destroy businesses and infrastructures, affecting our economy and causing industrial chaos. Some na

So what

So what do I read when I open my Saturday newspaper on a Canada Day Monday? That BCE, hands chapped after years of hand wringing over convergence, is henceforth looking to the telephone as its core business.

Intel quits Web hosting business

Intel Corp. is scrapping its Web hosting business after less than three years of operation and will take a US$100 million charge in its second fiscal quarter as a result of the move, the company announced Tuesday.

Will the Lights Go Out?

Ten seconds to midnight, December 31, 1999. Megacorp's brightly lit computer centre hums with the sound of servers. The sprawling room is festooned with a few cheesy garlands left over from the company Christmas party and a couple of dozen limply floating balloons. Gathered round a desk in the middle of the room are a few unfortunate employees who have pulled skeleton crew duty. Henderson has smuggled in a bottle of bubbly, the contents of which have been more or less evenly distributed in eight raised glasses. Everyone's eyes are glued to a computer on the desk, logged onto a millennium Web site showing a clock ticking out the last few strokes to the dreaded year 2000. Everyone prepares to celebrate

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