Articles Related to foreign ownership

Is Verizon’s money going elsewhere?

Where U.S. telecom major Verizon Communications will spend its substantial cash is a topic of endless speculation in this country as the company dangles the...

Think tank backs big wireless carriers

The Fraser Institute says Ottawa's rules handicap Bell, Rogers and Telus. Government should open telco ownership to all and control things through the Competition Bureau

CEO council, union demand telecom policy change

Not only are Bell, Rogers and Telus pressuring Ottawa, now the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and a union representing telecom workers says the government has to make sure "large foreign operators" don't get an edge

Telus fires back over foreign ownership

In a letter to the federal telecom regulator the carrier says a report from competitor Wind Mobile is 'misleading,' and there's no need for a hearing

Clement delays decision on foreign telecom ownership

Expected this fall, Industry Minister now pushes his decision on setting rules for the next wireless spectrum auction. But an industry consultant suspects the ruling will come sooner rather than later

Completely lift foreign telecom controls: Consultants

The time has come to put our xenophobia behind us, says the SeaBoard Group. Remove the restrictions, quickly

Opposition may derail telecom ownership reform

Three opposition parties on a parliamentary committee are calling for more study before changing foreign telecom ownership limits. That could jeopardize the government's plan to bring new legislation in the fall

Ottawa might lift all limits on telecom ownership

Ottawa has released its three choices for liberalizing telecom foreign investment, one of which would completely open the doors to offshore ownership

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